Analytics Plus
IT data analytics software from ManageEngine
Analytics Plus
Analytics Plus
Analytics Plus
Analytics Plus
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Analytics Plus unifies IT data from multiple applications and monitoring tools and empowers you with automated insights to make faster strategic decisions. From compliance, costs, and tickets to technician performance, security, and SLAs, Analytics Plus drives you to achieve excellence across IT.

Using Analytics Plus for Survey Monkey allows organizations to:

  • Analyze end user happiness index in conjunction with the efficiency of IT operations
  • Monitor the effect of SLA compliance on end user satisfaction scores
  • Identify various aspects that adversely impact user experience across the organization
  • Predict end user happiness based on upcoming changes in the IT infrastructure

Why should you choose Analytics Plus?

  • Unified ITOps platform allows you to get full stack visibility into how IT services are operating
  • Advanced analytics solution automatically blends data from several IT and non-IT sources
  • Forecasting algorithm allows to run simulations on operational data and predict end user satisfaction