Microsoft Teams
Gather feedback and share analytics right within Teams
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Create surveys with expert templates and customize with enhanced flexibility and configuration options
Manage and share any survey, poll or quiz in a Microsoft Teams chat or channels or Personal App
Collect and share feedback safely and securely with advanced privacy options
Share insights and analytics from any SurveyMonkey or Teams survey with a Team tab

NEW Manage all your SurveyMonkey and MSFT surveys in one place using our new Personal App for Microsoft Teams.   Get started by searching and adding the SurveyMonkey app to the left-hand rail in Microsoft Teams. View, share and manage all your surveys in one place.

Create a Survey using a Pre-Built Expert Template

Ask your team for feedback on an important topic such as diversity and inclusion, quiz them on a training that just happened, or seek their opinions on a recent launch. Enjoy the customizable pre-built templates, as well as enhanced flexibility of longer surveys that can be edited at any time, all without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Send surveys, polls or quizzes

Now you can send your surveys, polls or quizzes from multiple touchpoints within Microsoft Teams- whether its a Microsoft Teams channel, private chat or group chat. With these new launch options, you have the ability to make your survey much more targeted and relevant, and drill down into critical feedback from your colleagues.  Get real-time responses from your colleagues. Share results with your team or keep private to accommodate any privacy concerns.

Analytics Tab

You can now share analytics of any SurveyMonkey survey, whether it was created in Microsoft Teams or SurveyMonkey, within a Team's channel tab. Help build a shared understanding of key data with your colleagues. Add one or more tabs - each with a different context.

Notify the team

Keep the team up to date with instant or daily notifications when your survey receives a new response. Additionally, set up notifications for new feedback comments, so survey owners can automatically incorporate improvements into their work.

How to Install

Install this integration by hitting "Go to Microsoft Teams" at the top of this page (you'll need to be logged in to both your SurveyMonkey and Microsoft Teams accounts).

  1. To create a survey for your team, search and launch the SurveyMonkey app as a message extension (toolbar under the team input text box in Microsoft Teams) or by adding the SurveyMonkey app from Microsoft Teams Apps.
  2. Add the SurveyMonkey app as a Personal app by installing the SurveyMonkey app in the left-hand rail of Microsoft Teams.
  3. To set up survey notifications, click on the team channel you want to notify (in the sidebar), and choose "Connectors" under the ellipses. Then, search for SurveyMonkey.

SurveyMonkey Plan Requirements

Any Plan

Additional Resources

Our Help Center contains additional information on the Microsoft Teams integration. See more here