Send surveys to a list of customers

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Automatically Send a Survey to a Customer List

Identify the people you’d like to reach in a list. Create or copy a survey to send to them, or take advantage of one of our templates. Your customizable email message will generate automatically.

Easy tracking - Map fields back to Zendesk fields (Admins only)

Save and share the data you’d like to highlight, through Zendesk.

How to Install


  • Connect SurveyMonkey to Zendesk.
  • Which list of contacts you’d like to send survey to.
  • Pick from a template or choose an existing survey.
  • Map survey fields back to Zendesk.
  • Review your email message, and send.

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Field Mapping
Automatically Send Surveys
Trigger Instant Feedback


This app requires access to:
  • Create or edit collectors for surveys in your account
  • View your surveys and those shared with you
  • View collectors for your surveys and those shared with you

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