Add surveys to the MaxBrain learning platform to improve your education content
Integrate course surveys with your MaxBrain learning sections.
Schedule surveys according to course dates or other criteria.
Check the response rates of your course participants on your surveys.
Send reminders for surveys, download results into Excel and check your results.

Surveys on Courses and Education Content

The SurveyMonkey and MaxBrain integration brings surveys into your corporate learning courses, enabling you to schedule, perform and analyze survey responses right within the MaxBrain learning experience platform (LXP). 

Get Better About Your Education Content and Courses

MaxBrain is a learning platform that enables individualized learning paths. Thanks to the Survey Monkey integration, you can directly integrate a SurveyMonkey-powered feedback section to check your education content in entire courses or after sections (parts) of the learning path.

You may also send out emails asking for feedback on the seminars, courses or individual learning sections available on your MaxBrain LXP.

This SurveyMonkey integration helps you improve education content quality within your MaxBrain learning platform.