OakGreen Challenge for Residents

1. Sign Up here for the OakGreen Challenge

To take the OakGreen Challenge, input your EPA ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick Score* and contact information in the form below.

As part of the Challenge, you will be asked to keep track of your monthly energy data. We will ask you to report your Home Yardstick Score on an annual basis through 2012.

As you implement energy saving techniques, you will be able to watch your score increase!

Tools and resources to help you track your energy use are available at:

You will also receive monthly email updates with reminders and links to energy-saving tips and resources.

*Copy and paste this URL to access the Home Energy Yardstick Page: http://goo.gl/1CtZB

Oakland County will not use the information gathered here for any other purpose than the OakGreen Challenge. Non-Oakland County residents are ineligible for the OakGreen Challenge. For more questions, please contact oakgreen@oakgov.com.
1. Please enter your contact information, including an email address.

Your email address will serve as your User ID for the OakGreen Challenge and will be used to send you reminders and monthly energy saving tips.
2. Please indicate your current utility provider:
DTE EnergyConsumers EnergyOtherNot Applicable
Natural Gas
Fuel Oil
3. Which best describes your household:
4. What is your EPA ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick Score for the following time period:

Start Date: 01-Jan-2010 End Date: 31-Dec-2010
5. The OakGreen Challenge asks you to work toward reducing the energy consumption in your home by 10% within the next two years (by December 31st, 2012).
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