New Nurse Residents Orientation

1. Please rank each statement below.
Strongly disagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly agree
I understood the learning objectives.
The examples or illustrations provided helped me learn the material.
I learned new knowledge and skills from this course.
My learning was enhanced by the knowledge of the facilitator.
My learning was enhanced by the experiences shared by the facilitator.
The physical environment was favorable to learning.
2. What about the course was most useful to you?
3. What about the course was least useful to you?
4. How can we improve the course to make it more relevant to your job?
5. If you believe you will be successful in applying the knowledge and skills learned in this course, please provide a few tangible examples of how you will apply it.
6. How confident are you in your ability to perform the following tasks? (Your responses are confidential)
poorfairgoodexcellentnot applicable
Completing a patient's admission history
Assigning patients in Care Organizer
Confirming a medication order in Care Organizer
Entering Braden skin assessment results
Entering vitals, assessment and interventions in a patient chart
Administering medication using a bar-code scanner and the 5 Rights
Cosigning a high alert medication
Searching for and locating active orders
Entering orders in HEO/Wiz
7. OPC is located in which of the following clinical systems?
8. A snapshot of a patient's care record containing information pulled from multiple systems, used to provide an overview
9. The link in the Actions Menu that provides a view of a patient's previous 24 hour labs
10. Location of the record of what medications and dosages have been administered to a specific patient
11. Location of diagnosis specific pathways and teaching records for patient care
12. The clinical system used to administer medications and enter patient assessment and interventions in a patient's chart
13. The Admission History section of a patient's chart is completed in which of the following systems (in all areas except NICU/Nurseries)?
14. Which of the following is not a section of the Admission History form
15. The nursing assessment is documented
16. Charting for IV, such as PICC/CVC/PIV, is completed in which of the following systems?
17. A window in HED where medications are confirmed
18. The standard used to reduce errors and improve quality when administering medications
19. The name of the tab in HED where single dose medications (not continuous infusions) are administered
20. The clinical system used to enter orders
21. Which of the following is not a primary order type?
22. RNs assess (Braden) skin integrity and pressure ulcer risk factors
23. The system used to request blood product is
24. The Medical Center Help Desk (3-HELP) can offer support on all clinical systems, 24 hours a day.
25. Please enter your VU net ID