LSSU Health CARE Center Patient Satisfaction Survey

1. What is your gender?
2. Status
Please rate your satisfaction with all items relevant for you most recent visit.
3. Scheduling an appointment was easy.
4. The wait time for my appointment was acceptable.
5. The check- in and check out processes were efficient.
6. The registration staff was professional, friendly, courteous and helpful.
7. The nursing/medical assistant staff was professional, friendly, courteous and helpful.
8. I spent an adequate amount of time with my provider.
9. My provider thoroughly explained my condition and recommended treatment in a way I could easily comprehend.
10. My questions regarding charges, insurance and billing were answered adequately.
11. I felt my confidentiality and privacy were carefully protected.
12. The Health CARE Center was clean and comfortable.
13. My overall experience was
14. Would you recommend the Health CARE Center
15. Would you use the Health CARE Center again?
16. Do you have any other comments or suggestions which might help us to improve our service to you? All comments, whether positive or negative, are appreciated.
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