Honors Scholar Program Alumni Survey

1. Honors Scholars Program Alumni Survey

The Honors Scholars Program requests your valued assistance in completing this self-assessment questionnaire. Please answer the following questions, offering your critique of our program, so we may strengthen HSP. Thank you.
1. Do you feel that you have benefited from the Honor Scholars Program?
2. Please indicate the value of these components of the Honor Scholars Program.
Highly valueSomewhat valueSomewhat did not valueHighly did not valueUnable to respond
Seminar courses
Cultural events
Service projects
Interaction with professors
Honors thesis
3. Rate the following statements about your experiences in the Honor Scholars Program.
Strongly AgreeAgreeDon't KnowDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Offered diverse reading selections.
Offered opportunity to work with others on common goals.
Offered diversity in cultural events.
Developed my appreciation for lifelong reading and learning.
Equipped me with knowledge to develop a career.
Provided me with readings or discussions to reflect on in my daily life.
Fulfilled requirements for my field of study/graduate school.
4. How well did the seminars prepare you for the following:
Strongly preparedSomewhat preparedSomewhat did not prepareStrongly did not prepareUnable to respond
Graduate school
Career plans
Community involvement
Lifelong learning
5. How would you summarize your experience in the Honor Scholars Program?
6. Do we have your permissions to use your name and comments from the text reply box above on the Honor Scholars web page, program materials, or admissions literature?
7. What books would you recommend as a selection for one of our seminars?
8. What would be the best way to keep you informed about HSP news?
9. Tell us about your plans for graduate work.
10. What year did you graduate from Carroll College?