ER&L 2012 Session Evaluations

1. Sunday Workshop & Day 1 (Monday) Sessions: How would you rate each session overall?

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Please answer for each session you attended below (Skip questions for sessions you did not attend).
1. Sunday Workshop: Shaping User Experience: Usability Testing, Iterative Design, and the Digital Library
Ana Krahmer, Kate Crane, Tara Carlisle
2. Opening Keynote with Andrea Resmini
3. All You Can ERMS: Laying Out the Buffet of eResource Management Systems - Parts 1 and/or 2
Large Panel
4. The Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP): helping libraries measure use and impact
Jo Lambert
5. Calculating Value: The Nuts and Bolts of Implementing the University of Colorado ROI Study
Gabrielle Wiersma, Denise Pan, Leslie Williams, Yem Fong
6. Working Remotely: two perspectives on telecommuting
Jamene Brooks-Kieffer, Christine Peterson
7. Analytics Data in the Discovery Age
Andrew Nagy, Bobby Reeves, Jeannie Castro, Jeff Daniels, Roberta Astroff
8. Preparing an Institutional Review Board Application for Human Subjects Research: What does the IRB want?
Sarah Sutton
9. If you attended Monday's Lightning Talks, please tell us what you thought about this session.
10. Next Steps in Transforming Academic Libraries: Radical Redesign to Mainstream E-Resource Management
Steven Sowell
11. Moving from PDA Pilots to Sustainable Programs: Making Data-Driven Decisions
Jaclyn Bedoya, Joy E. Lambert
12. Coming to a desk near you: The Millennials!
Juleah Swanson, Esta Day, Craig Boman, Nancy Marie Beals
13. Electronic Resources Workflow Analysis and Process Improvement
Beverly Dowdy, Rosalyn Raeford
14. Discussion: Discovery Services: Reconciling the Idealist and the Pragmatist
Eric Frierson
15. Designing a Copyright Outreach Program for Your Campus
Angela Riggio, Diane Gurman
16. Contract License Agreement - From sales to licensing as acquisitions
Mary E Marshall, Carol A. Ficken
17. Google Analytics and Digital Images: A Tale of the Great Smoky Mountains
Gayle Baker, Ken Wise
18. Collaborative Marketing for Electronic Resources
Marie R. Kennedy
19. Challenging the Big Deal: A Case Study From The UK
David Beales
20. Special Collections using Augmented Reality to enhance Learning and Teaching (SCARLET)
Jo Lambert
21. The Textbook Affordability Crisis and the Academic Library: Exploring Alternatives
Monica Metz-Wiseman