1. Getting to Know You and Your Career

If you would like to schedule a complimentary executive search strategy session with one of our highly-trained coaches, please take a few minutes to fill out the Career Resume Consulting "Getting to Know You" questionnaire. It will take you about 5 to 15 minutes to fill out, depending on the amount of information you would like to provide. Completing all of the questions enables us to learn more about your career and your search needs, and will allow you to use your time together with us most efficiently.

After you submit your survey results, if you don't yet have an appointment scheduled, we will contact you to schedule a convenient time to have a face to face or phone conversation. You will usually be contacted the same business day to schedule your appointment, but please be aware that we are generally tightly booked, and it may be several days before your initial consultation takes place.

PLEASE NOTE: Our firm is actually not a recruiting firm; instead, we work on behalf of the executive job seeker, and therefore are retained by the executive.

Our specialties include expanding your executive personal brand, both in written materials like resumes and online, like a more visible LinkedIn presence, or working with clients very closely throughout your search, coaching you through each step until you land your next position.

We never propose any services unless we feel confident we can provide at least a 2-4 times Return on Investment. Usually our assistance results in tens of thousands of dollars in more revenue (sometimes $100K or more).

It is our job to determine if there is a good fit between your needs and the services we provide. At the end of the strategy session, we will provide you with our recommendation, but no decision is expected of you during this discussion.

After completing the survey, you will also be given access to documents detailing Career Resume Consulting's main services, as well as a sample of a resume style we craft that generally gets a 300%-400% better response rate than a traditional chronological resume. Please read through this documentation prior to your meeting.

We are looking forward to a conversation with you!

* 1. Please enter your contact information:

* 2. Do you already have a consultation scheduled with Tammy Kabell or one of our team members?

* 3. How active is your job search right now?

  Not actively searching Applying for very few jobs (2-3 per month) Spend some time looking every day Spend multiple hours per day searching and sending resumes daily Peak searching - I need a job yesterday!
Level of Search Activity

* 4. How long have you been searching for a new career?

  Just started 2 months or less 2-4 months 4-8 months 8-12 months over a year
Length of Search

* 5. Are you currently employed or unemployed?

* 6. If unemployed, then for how long? (May be different than the amount of time searching for a position)?

  Just lost my job 2 months or less 2-4 months 4-8 months 8-12 months over a year N/A
Length of Unemployment

* 7. If still employed, is there the possibility that you will be lose your job soon?

  I could lose my job any day now I have 2 months or less Possibly lose job in 2-4 months I might have another 4-8 months I still have 8-12 months I'm not worried about losing my job N/A
Time left of employment

* 8. Your most recent job title:

* 9. What position or positions are you looking for in your next career? (It's ok if unknown)

* 10. Would you say this next career move is:

  lateral move at best would like some career progression a major move a critical one in this stage of my career N/A
Type of career move:

* 11. Are you satisfied with your current resume?

* 12. What has been your search activity so far? (Choose all that apply)

* 13. Approximately how many resumes or job applications have you submitted PER MONTH in your search so far?

  No activity 2 or less per month 3-5 per month 5-10 per month 10-20 per month 20-50 per month over 50 per month N/A
Resumes/Applications per month

* 15. Any job offers?

* 16. Liabilities are anything that can keep you from getting a phone call from an employer, or, eventually from getting a job. Please list all of the possible liabilities you may have from the list below. Choose all that apply.

* 17. What concerns do you have about your career search?

* 18. What key benefits do you desire in your next position? (Check all that apply)

* 19. What are some improvements you'd like to see in your search? (Check all that apply)

* 20. Age:

* 21. Income of current or most recent position:

* 22. What income are you seeking for your next position?

* 23. Are you willing to relocate?

* 24. How did you hear about Career Resume Consulting?

* 25. What would you like to get out of your time together with us? What do you want to make sure the two of us cover, or what questions do you want answered during your session?

* 26. Your meeting will last approximately 30-60 minutes, and you can meet either by phone or in person. We can usually accommodate meetings within a week to 10 days.

Would you prefer to meet in person at CRC's Lee's Summit, MO office, by phone, or by Skype (if outside of the U.S.)?