WSCC Web Site Survey

1. Which type of user best describes you?
2. What is your age group?
3. Which type of device did you use to access the site today?
4. How many times have you visited Walters State's web site in the past year?
5. How would you describe your visit to Walters State's web site today?
6. How would you rate your experience with the following?
Ease of use overall
Browsing to find information
Finding information using search
StarNET (
STARmail (
Library (
College Catalog (
Community education
7. What best describes the primary reason for your visit to our web site today (you can select more than one)?
8. Which of the following do you use most often to keep up with WSCC news and events?
9. Did you have any difficulties using the web site?
10. Do you have any suggestions to improve the web site?
If you feel something on the web site requires immediate attention or if you would like a response, please contact
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