2014 Women Bike Pop-up Shop

Are you a women bike entrepreneur? We want to feature you and your product(s) at the National Women's Bicycling Forum from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on March 3, 2014, in Washington, D.C.

The cost of exhibiting at this full-day event is $200 and includes the $100 registration fee to attend the Forum proceedings, as well. We have limited capacity for 30 vendors - with three feet of display space each.

Our selections will be based on ensuring a diversity of entrepreneurs and product offerings, but the sooner you apply the better your chances!

Applications are due January 13. Selected participants will be notified by January 17.

1. Are you a current League member? (League members will receive priority consideration)
2. Contact info
3. Tell us about your company and product(s)
4. Each vendor will only have three feet of table space; what would you display in this space?
5. How long have you been in business?
6. If you're an Experienced entrepreneur, would you like to be paired / share a table with an Up-and-Coming entrepreneur — and vice versa?
7. How are you engaged in getting more women to ride through your business or in your community?
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