Multicultural Programs Volunteer Application  

We rely heavily upon volunteers to help promote and implement the cultural events and programming that come out of our department. Volunteers receive training to prepare them for the year to come. In addition, volunteers choose the events they would like to help with. It’s a great opportunity for students to make new friends, learn about other cultures, experience event planning, and help the campus community develop a stronger appreciation of diversity.
1. Full name
2. Year:
3. Major
4. Where do you reside?
5. Race/ethnicity
6. Religious affliation (if any)
7. What do you enjoy doing? Check all that apply.
8. What special attributes would you offer as a multicultural volunteer? (eg: good at serving food, outgoing, great communicator, good at decorating, very energetic, strong)
9. What is your preferred email address
10. What is your preferred phone number with area code?
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