2014 URCAD Attendees Survey

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about URCAD with us through this very short survey.
1. What brought you to URCAD this year?
2. What presentations did you see? Check as many as apply:
3. What is your primary role at UMBC?
4. Did you review the schedule of presentations in advance to determine which presentations you wanted to see?
5. How long did you spend at URCAD 2014?
6. Overall, were the presenters you heard clear and understandable?
7. Do you know of any courses in which students were assigned to attend URCAD 2014? Please tell us which course and professor(s).
8. Did you pick up a copy of the bound URCAD program including all abstracts?
9. If you read or kept the URCAD program, what is most helpful to you about the program?
10. Please suggest at least one thing that would make URCAD a more positive experience for you or your students.
11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about URCAD. If you would like to be contacted to discuss anything specific about URCAD, please include your name and e-mail address below, or separately e-mail Janet McGlynn at mcglynn@umbc.edu.
Thank you for taking the time to help us assess the effectiveness of URCAD. We appreciate your interest!
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