City of Anderson, SC

Based on interest recently from some residents regarding the keeping of chickens inside the City limits, this issue is currently being studied. By taking the online survey, City Council and staff can better gauge the level of community interest and other details on this subject. The information compiled from this survey will be shared with the City Council to supplement their research thus far.
1. Do you live in the city limits of the City of Anderson, SC?
2. If you answered “NO” above, do you live in Anderson County, SC?
3. Do you think citizens should be allowed to keep chickens (laying hens) within the city limits of the City of Anderson under certain guidelines?
4. Why do you think chickens should be allowed within the City limits? (check all that apply)
5. Why do you think chickens should not be allowed within the City limits? (check all that apply)
6. If guidelines are written to allow chickens, what restrictions do you think are important to consider? (check all that apply)
7. What is the maximum number of chickens that should be allowed per property?
8. Have you ever kept chickens or known anyone in an urban area that has kept chickens for the purpose of urban farming?
9. If yes, please describe any of your positive or negative experiences with urban chickens.
10. Should people wishing to keep chickens have to apply for a special permit so the conditions can be monitored?
11. If you live in the City of Anderson, SC, do you reside in a subdivision?
12. Zip Code (Optional)
13. Address (Optional)
14. E-mail (Optional)
15. Comments (Optional)
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