UCC Congregational Health Ministries

We the Faith Community Nurse Leadership Team of the UCC would like to learn more about your Health Ministry and also how we might be of support to you and your congregation. It will take you about 5 minutes to answer this brief survey.
Thank you.
1. What state is your congregation located in?
2. What is the average attendance at worship on a Sunday morning?
3. Do you have a Faith Community Nurse (Parish Nurse)?
4. Is your Faith Community Nurse a Commissioned Minister of Congregational Health?
5. How long has your congregation had a Health Ministry program?
6. Was the program:
7. Is the program:
The following list contains some of the activities that a health ministry may provide.
Please mark the ones that you have provided to your congregation.
8. Spiritual Care
9. Advocacy
10. Support Groups
11. Education
12. Activities
13. Support Services
14. Home and Hospital
15. Environmental Care
16. What resources do you wish you had so that you could better serve your congregation?
17. As new information and resources become available would you like to learn more through on-line interactive webinars?
18. What are the three ways that the Leadership Team can best serve you?
Thank you for helping us to share our combined knowledge for the benefit of us all.

May God bless you and your ministry.
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