The evolution of the TV stand

This semester, a team of industrial design students at Auburn is exploring new entrepreneurial opportunities that create a closer relationship between the designer and the customer. Our intent is to design a product, get feedback during the design process, and work towards crowdfunding the project through a crowdfunding site such as

Some background on the idea: Televisions are evolving. They are smaller, lighter and smarter. Internet enabled televisions and small accessories, such as Apple TV, Boxee and Roku are un-tethering the television from cable boxes and a mess of wires. These designs begin to address this evolution. No longer will the television need to be confined to the corner of your living room. Imagine a TV and mount that is light and portable enough to move from room to room, or even outside - with a single power cable to manage.
1. Are you interested in the general concept of a TV Tripod?
2. Below are a number of design concepts for a television tripod intended to hold a flat panel television (up to 40" - depending on weight). Our intent is to gather feedback via social media to decide which of these concepts to pursue as a class. Please review the concept images below and vote on your favorite.
Concept 1
Image as described above
Concept 2
Image as described above
Concept 3
Image as described above
Concept 4
Image as described above
Concept 5
Image as described above
Concept 6
Image as described above
Concept 7
Image as described above
3. Rank the following features in order of importance to you.
Wire management and peripheral mounts
Portability (lightweight)
Folding legs
Price under $100
4. Rank the following locations in terms of where you would most use this type of product.
Living room or den
Workout Room
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