Downtown Truckee Wine, Walk and Shop 2011

1. 2011 Downtown Wine, Walk and Shop Survey

Thank you for attending the 2011 Wine, Walk & Shop in beautiful downtown Truckee, CA. Your feedback is important to us so that we can ensure that future WW&S events are even better! We appreciate that your time is valuable, so this survey should take only a few minutes to complete. Once you’ve completed the survey, you’ll have a chance to enter to win prizes such as: lift tickets, gift certificates for downtown Truckee Shops, lodging packages and more.
1. Please provide your overall rating of the Wine, Walk & Shop event this year.
2. How did you hear about the Wine, Walk & Shop? (Please choose all that apply.)
3. Was the Wine, Walk & Shop event this year the primary reason for your visit to downtown Truckee, CA?
4. How many times have you attended the Wine, Walk & Shop event, including this year?
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