State Law Library Patron Satisfaction

1. Customer Survey

Please take a moment to answer the following ten questions. Your feedback is extremely important to us!
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1. How do you contact the law library?
2. Would you agree that you received a response to your reference request in a timely manner?
3. Was the information you received useful?
4. How would you rate the assistance provided by the reference librarian assisting you?
5. Please consider this next question based on the interaction you had with our reference staff:
The law library's reference assistance could be improved by.....?
6. Regarding the law library's paper collection, do you feel it is....
7. Have you used the online subscription services available through the law library's patron accessible computers?
8. If you do not use the library on a regular basis (more than once per month), list the obstacles that prevent you from being a regular user:
9. Given the different resources available for legal research, would you agree that the State Law Library adds value to your research?
10. Thank you for your time. If there are any concerns or comments you would like to share with us, please do so now:
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