Synopsys Journal 2013 Reader Survey
Please send us your feedback by August 1, 2013

1. What is your job title/function?
2. How many employees report to you directly or through an organization?
3. How large is your company (in employees)?
4. Where are you personally located?
5. How do you access the Synopsys Journal? (select all that apply)
6. On average, how often do you read or access each Journal issue?
7. Which of these issues have you read? (select all that apply)
8. Rate each Journal issue topic on its relevance to your job. 1-Not relevant to 5-extremely relevant
Multicore Design
Virtual Prototyping
SoC Design
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Landscape of Verification
Semiconductor IP
Changing Face of Mobile Computing
Business of Global Design
Managing for "Moore"
The Business of High Reliability Electronics
The Importance of AMS Design
9. Which Journal article do you typically find the most informative?
10. The Synopsys Journal…
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeither agree nor disagreeAgreeStrongly agree
…broadens your perspective.
…improves your interactions with Synopsys.
...manages your projects more effectively.
11. How has the Synopsys Journal impacted your perception of Synopsys as an industry thought leader?
12. How often do you share…
NeverInfrequentlyAbout 50%Most issuesEvery issue
…your printed copy of the the Journal?
…the URL to the Synopsys journal webpage?
…the Synopsys Journal Mobile App?
13. How interested are you in the following topics for future Journal issues?
14. What types of social media do you use to facilitate your work ?
NeverVery rarelyOccasionallyFrequently
15. When do you typically read the Journal? (select all that apply)
16. Please leave any other comments or feedback, we'd appreciate it!
17. Would you or your organization be interested in....
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