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Welcome to Subtext Volume Purchase

Thanks for your interest in volume purchasing and Subtext!

The easiest way to buy books for a class to read in Subtext is via Google Play, our retail partner. We've worked with them to develop a tool that will deliver books directly to your students' Subtext libraries.

In order to make sure that books from Google Play will work for you, please check the following:

1) All students and teachers getting copies of the book will need to have a Gmail or Google Apps for Education account.
2) All students and teachers receiving books should have access to an iPad. If you are reading on the web in beta, you will not be able to access paid books at this time. Sorry!
3) Your book will need to be available on the Google Play ebookstore. Please go to and do a search for your book by title or author.

Once you’re ready to order, please email to receive Google’s terms of service, which you will need to sign and return to us before we can process your order. You will also need to send the following:

1) A spreadsheet with...

A. The Gmail or Google Apps for Education addresses of the students who need books
B. The title/s of the books they need
C. A link to the books in the Google Play store (this is to make sure we’re looking at the correct book in cases where there are multiple versions available).

2) A PO for the total amount of your order (you can find list prices for books on, just search by title or author) or credit card information.

Once we have these materials from you, we can go ahead and fulfill your order and invoice you when books have been granted.

We recommend that you try to submit orders a week in advance, just to give yourself some time to make sure everyone can access and download their books. If you need to rush your order, just let us know in your email and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Please send any questions or inquiries to

Thanks and happy reading!
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