SEO Superheroes

1. The Brand Guardian
Builds strong brands and ensures they’re protected online
2. WonderWriter
Will make any subject sound spectacular
3. Super Strategist
A planning powerhouse, knows exactly when and how everything should be done
4. SpamHunter
Dedicates his life to hunting down and eradicating spam one email at a time
5. The Astounding Auditor
Can crawl and audit a site in superfast time and pinpoint every error
6. The Magnificent Marketer
Will make you buy something before you even knew you wanted it. Has ultra-persuasive powers
7. Kid Context
The fearless sidekick to King Content. Everyone knows that without context, content is useless
8. Omnireacher
Awesome outreach specialist who can leap industries in a single bound
9. ChromeDome
Speaks only in HTML, can see right through any website and identify even the most difficult to find problems