FY 15 Budget Survey

SCPS needs your feedback. Please take a few minutes and participate in our FY 15 Budget Survey. Information provided will help the Board of Education set priorities for our school system. Please complete by January 15, 2014.

1. What category best describes you?
2. What school do you attend (High School only), have children that attend or presently work at during the school year? (Check all that apply)
3. Overall, how would you rate your experience with the Somerset County Public School System?
4. Overall, how do you feel the class size is in your child's school?
5. Overall, how would you rank school safety in our schools?
6. In order to make you and your child feel safe and comfortable at school, please prioritize the following options for the SCPS. (1 being the highest priority)
Secure School Entry (additional cameras, electronic locks)
Visitor Identification System (vistors have drivers license scanned)
Bullying Prevention Program
Resource Officers (adding a full-time officier to each school)
Increased Number of Security Camera (adding cameras within and around the school campus)
7. Please rank in order of importance. (1 being the highest priority)
Extra Curricular Activities (Clubs, sports)
Capital Improvements (Renovation & building improvements)
Class Size
Electives (Intermediate & High School only)
8. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following services
School Transportation (buses, bus stops)
School Guidance
Student Services (family & student supports)
School Buildings & Grounds (cleanliness)
Parent Involvement
Food Services (meals, snacks)
Special Education
Arts (Band, Chorus, Music, Art)
Physical Education
Instructional Programs
Course Offerings (High School)
Extra-curricular Activities (clubs, sports)
Instructional Technology (student use of computers)
9. What do you feel is the most important budget item that we need to consider as we move forward?
10. Please write any additional comments you feel would help us provide a budget that meets the needs of our school system.
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