Chatroom Survey

1. I found the information / support / help I was seeking.
Stongly AgreeAgreeUndecided or NeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
2. The information / support I found was valuable / useful / appropriate.
Strongly AgreeAgreeUndecided / NeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
3. Based on my experience with the chatroom, I feel better informed to make decisions about my healthcare.
Strongly AgreeAgreeUndecided / NeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
4. Based on the information I received using the chatroom, it motivated me to seek a second opinion and / or change my treatment.
Strongly AgreeAgreeUndecided / NeutralDisagreeStongly Disagree
5. I feel more connected to others and less isolated after using this program.
Strongly AgreeAgreeUndecided / NeutralDisagreeStongly Disagree
6. Did you utilized this service regularly? How often?
More than 8 times6 to 8 times3 to 5 times1 or 2 timesNever
7. Do you have any comments or suggestions for improvements?
8. Did you have any problems accessing the chatroom?
9. If you had problems accessing the chatroom, please provide your operating system and brower.
Operating SystemBrowser
Chose one
10. Would you be interested in accessing the chat on a mobile device? If so what kind?
11. What other organizations have you visited with similar programs? How do we compare?
12. Are you patient, family member, friend, caregiver? You may check all that apply.
13. What type of sarcoma dose the patient have?
14. Where in the body did the sarcoma first occur?
15. What sex is the patient?
16. What is the age of the patient?
17. Is the person with sarcoma:
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