Resident Satisfaction Survey Fall 2013

1. Choose your year in school (by class, not credits)
2. How long have you lived on campus (residence halls, Woods, Greek chapter housing)?
3. My RA is:
4. I live on/in:
5. Please tell us if your RA:
Has made an effort to get to know me and make me feel comfortable
Is available when I have a concern
Is visible on the floor
Is open to suggestions
Readily responds to concerns and calls, and when appropriate notifies University officials
Provides a variety of programs for our floor
Is a willing and enthusiastic leader
Is a good and objective listener
Is respected by the residents on the floor
Clearly explains University policy and procedures, when necessary
Enforces University policies and procedures in a consistent manner
Upholds University policies and procedures in their own behavior
Helps our floor create relationships and a strong community
Respects all members of our floor
Is a strong role model
Upholds confidentiality of students
6. If you had to give a grade to your RA for their performance this semester, what grade would you assign?
7. Please let us know what you RA could do better next semester that would increase your satisfaction.
8. Who is your FYEM-LO (The First Year Experience Mentor that lives in your residence hall)?
9. I see my FYEM-LO:
10. My FYEM-LO helps our floor/building focus on academics
11. My FYEM-LO is a good example for first-year students in our building
12. Please give your FYEM-LO a grade for their performance this semester:
13. Now tell us about your living experience at Millikin:
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I feel my residence hall/apartment building is a community
I feel safe in my residence hall/apartment building
The noise level in my hall/building is compatible to my daily schedule and goals
I know all the other residents on my floor or in my apartment building
I know and understand the expectations for living in the residence halls/apartment buildings
I like my room
I enjoy having a roommate
I enjoy living on campus
Maintenance concerns are addressed in a timely fashion
My residence hall/apartment building common areas are kept clean by the custodial staff
14. The following questions apply to those students living in our Living-Learning Communities (LLCs):
AbsolutelySomewhatNot ReallyNot at all
I feel like I have benefited from living in a LLC
I feel that LLCs have stronger communities
I feel I have performed better academically because I am in a LLC
I enjoy living in my LLC
I will consider living in a LLC again next year
15. This next set of questions relates to some of the learning outcomes we hope residents come away with as a result of living in one of our communities. Please rate each question individually.
Great ExtentSome ExtentNeutralLittle ExtentNo Extent
To what extent has your residential experience assisted you in engaging in service (ie. finding value in community, participating in governance, valuing service to others, participating in programming?
To what extent has your residential experience assisted you in deepening your academic pursuits (ie. setting academic goals, interacting with other students in your major, discussing classwork in the community, studying in the community?
To what extent has your residential experience assisted you developing autonomy (ie. learning independent living skills, managing your time effectively, exhibiting self-reliance behaviors, developing a personal belief system)?
To what extent has your residential experience assisted you in examining your personal values (ie. Engaging in values focused conversations, reflecting on your personal decisions, exploring different belief systems) ?
To what extent has your residential experience assisted you in developing positive communication strategies (ie. resolving conflict appropriately, increasing your confidence in communicating with others, understanding the role of technology in communication)?
To what extent has your residential experience assisted you valuing differences (ie. appreciating diversity within your community, attending programming focused on differences)?
16. If you had to give your residential living environment a grade in relation to your satisfaction as a whole, what grade would you assign?
17. Tell us what the Office of Residence Life could do to increase your satisfaction of living on campus.
18. If you could choose one new amenity/item to add to your residence hall or apartment building, what would it be?
19. Millikin's residence halls are ___________ than other Universities.
20. Have you visited the Office of Residence Life this semester?
21. What was the nature of your visit? (check all that apply)
22. During my visit, the staff members I interacting with were friendly and professional.
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
23. My reason for the visit was resolved to my satisfaction.
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
24. The professional staff member assigned to oversee my residence hall/apartment is:
25. Tell us a little about your interaction with the professional staff who oversees your hall/apartment building:
AgreeDisagreeDon't KnowN/A
I see my staff member often on my floor/in my building
I have talked to my staff member
During meetings with my staff member, he/she is fair, open-minded, and makes me feel comfortable
I feel comfortable going to see my staff member if I need to
26. If you have any additional comments, please let us know.
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