Reunion 2012 Survey

We hope your return to Oswego for Reunion Weekend was memorable! The Alumni Office staff strives to organize quality events, and the feedback of alumni is our most valuable resource. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. All comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.
1. Name (optional)
2. Class Year
3. Sex:
4. Age
5. If you did not attend Reunion, please indicate main reason(s)
Please continue if you did attend Reunion Weekend.
6. How far did you travel?
7. Please rank in order the factors that influenced your decision to attend Reunion. (1 being most important, 5 being least important)
To see friends who were planning to attend
Events offered
Time of year Reunion is held
See changes on campus
8. Have you attended a past Reunion Weekend?
9. Will you attend a future Reunion Weekend?
10. Are you in favor of cluster reunions (i.e., reunions with the classes ahead of and behind yours such as '74, '75, '76)
11. Promotional Mailings: What did you think of...
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
1st mailing - Save the Date Flyer
2nd mailing - Tentative Schedule of Events Postcard
3rd mailing - Class/Group Letter or Postcard
4th mailing - Reunion Reservation Form
Reunion "See You at The Fair!" Video (sent via email)
12. Where did you get the majority of your information about Reunion Weekend? (1 being most information, 5 being least information.)
Oswego Alumni Magazine
Reunion emails
Reunion mailings
Lake E-ffect e-news
My friends
Social Media
13. Registration Process and Materials: What did you think of ....
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
the manner in which your reservation was handled?
the confirmation materials sent to you?
the ease and efficiency of Reunion check-in at Johnson Hall?
the name tags?
the official Reunion 2012 shirts?
the Activity Schedule (in your nametag holder)?
the "Everything You Need To Know" informational booklet?
14. For those who registered online: What did you think of...
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
ease of access to the online form?
the manner in which your reservation was acknowledged?
15. Reunion Staff: What did you think of....
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
the availability of alumni staff at events (in black and fluorescent green shirts)?
general courtesy of staff?
16. College Store: What did you think of....
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
store hours?
Alumni branded items?
17. Reunion Events: What did you think of...(Please evaluate all events which you attended.)
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
Class of 1962 Dinner (Thur.)
Building Open Houses (Fri.)
Reunion Golf Outing
Cooper Fitness Center (Fri.)
College Book Store (Fri.)
Tyler Hall Art Gallery (Fri.)
Pi Delta Chi Get-Together (Fri.)
Delta Kappa Kappa Get-Together (Fri.)
Theta Chi Rho Get-Together (Fri.)
Class of ’62 Tea & Rem. Ceremony
Beta Tau Epsilon Get-Together (Fri.)
Phi Sigma Phi Get-Together (Fri.)
Sigma Gamma 65th Anniversary Get-Together (Fri.)
Omicron Xi 30th Anniversary Get-Together (Fri.)
Village Townhouse Complex Tour (Fri.)
Walking Tour of Campus (Fri.)
Sheldon Hall Tour (Fri.)
Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour (Fri.)
Delta Chi Omega/TKE Get-Together (Fri.)
Alpha Sigma Chi Get-Together
Class of '62 Alpha Delta Eta Get-Together (Fri.)
President’s Reunion Volunteers Recept.
“Come as You Were” BBQ
Delta Chi Omega/TKE After Party
After Party with Bonfire & DJ
Class of 1987 "Dorm Party" Reception - Village Commons
Downtown Shuttle (Fri. Night)
Building Open Houses (Sat.)
Continental Breakfast (Sat.)
Alumni, Family & Friends 5K Fun Run/Walk
Golden Alumni Society Coffee & Pastries Classes of 1932-1962
"Using Social Media for Your Business" (Sat.)
Open Gym and Pool (Sat.)
School of Business Tour and Meet the Dean
Campus Center Tour (Sat.)
Sheldon Hall Tour (Sat.)
Walking Tour of Campus (Sat.)
Village Townhouse Complex Tour (Sat.)
College Book Store (Sat.)
Tyler Hall Art Gallery (Sat.)
Fitness Center (Sat.)
Conversation with the President
Penfield Library (Sat.)
Omicron Xi 30th Anniversary Lunch (Sat.)
Delta Kappa Kappa Lunch (Sat.)
Picnic on the Lake
Golden Alumni Society Recept. & Luncheon
Alpha Sigma Chi Wine and Cheese
Sigma Tau Chi Open House
Classes of '91, '92, '93 Get-Together
Communication, Media and the Arts Open House
Class of 2002 & GOLD Get-Together
Alpha Delta Eta 3rd Annual Membership Meeting
Beta Tau Epsilon Reception
Sigma Gamma MixER
Omega Delta Phi Get-Together (Sat.)
Booksigning by Paula Pagano '72
Class of '62 Cocktail Reception
Class of ’87 Silver Anniversary Reception
All Class Years/Groups Cocktail Reception
“Family Reunion" Alumni Dinner
Greeks and Friends Social
Downtown Shuttle (Sat. Night)
Bon Voyage Breakfast
Fitness Center (Sun.)
18. On-Campus Housing: What did you think of...
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery DissatisfiedN/A Stayed Off Campus
ease and efficiency of check-in/out(Johnson Hall)?
general courtesy and helpfulness of housing staff?
condition and cleanliness of the building/your room?
housing costs?
19. Were you housed in:
20. Transportation: What did you think of...
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
shuttles to Fallbrook?
afternoon shuttles?
downtown evening shuttles?
Hop-On Hop-Off Friday Bus?
21. The on-campus food served was
22. Were the on-campus meal prices appropriate?
23. The off-campus food served was
24. Were the off-campus meal prices appropriate?
25. What did you like best about Reunion Weekend?
26. What did you like least about Reunion Weekend?
27. Would you like to be a Reunion Committee Volunteer for future reunions?
28. Ideas for Future Reunion: Include suggestions for Reunion Committee members to help plan the 2013 Reunion, ideas on how to improve our Reunion program, names of possible volunteers for Reunion 2013, etc.
Thank you for taking the time to help us to improve our alumni program. We appreciate your help very much!