1. Have you previously enrolled in classes at International Quilt Festival in Houston, Chicago, Long Beach, or Cincinnati?
2. If you have taken classes previously at International Quilt Festival, how would you rate your overall experience? (If you have not taken classes at International Quilt Festival, skip this question.)
3. If you have attended any of the International Quilt Festivals in the past, but have not taken classes, why not? (If you have taken classes at International Quilt Festival, skip this question.)
4. In your opinion, what is the optimal length of time for a class?
5. What are you most interested in taking: process- or project-oriented classes?
6. Please tell us your level of interest in the types of classes listed below.
Absolutely Interested!Somewhat InterestedDepends on the TeacherNot Interested
Traditional Quilting Techniques
Beginning Quilt Classes
Classes on Design & Color
Computer Classes for Quilt Design
Quilt Projects That Can Be Completed Quickly
Art Quilting
Quilt Patterns
Improvisational Piecing or Patchwork
Crazy Quilting
Paper Piecing
Free-motion Quilting
Thread Painting or Thread Sketching
Mixed-media Quilting
Embellishment Techniques
Surface Design (Dyeing, Painting, Etc.)
Creating Modern Quilt Designs
Finishing Techniques
Making Art Dolls
Sewing Techniques
Sewing Garments
Sewing Home Decor Projects
7. When choosing classes from a class catalogue, what factors do you consider most when deciding to take the class? (Select all that apply.)
8. What is your preferred method for registering for classes: online or filling out a printed registration form and mailing it in?
9. Please share any other thoughts you have about class offerings at International Quilt Festival.