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1. How did you first get to know about Quikr?
2. How often do you visit Quikr?
3. For what purpose do you use Quikr? (select more than one if applicable)
4. How easy is it to post an ad on Quikr?
5. Which other classifieds websites do you visit?
6. How has your overall experience on Quikr been?
7. What do you like about Quikr?
8. What do you dislike about Quikr?
9. How likely are you to recommend Quikr to your friends?
Not at all likelyNeutralExtremely likely
10. Are you a business or a consumer?
11. Do you use Facebook?
12. Do you use the internet from your mobile phone?
13. Which mobile handset do you use? (optional)
14. Do you have a bank account?
15. Do you use online banking?
16. If Quikr launches a dating platform, how likely are you to use it?
17. E-mail
18. Mobile
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