PYSA Mission Statement

1. PYSA Vision and Mission Survey

Thank you for taking a few moments to answer the following questions. This is your opportunity to help guide the future of Polson Youth Soccer Association. Based on the results of this survey, we will be forming our Vision Statement and Mission Statement.
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1. I am a: (choose 1)
2. Choose the top three values from the list below that you feel PYSA should stand for. (Choose 3)
3. Rate the following items, in order of importance. 1 is the most important and 7 is the least important. Go through the list and pick your top priority. For that item, select "1". For your second most important item, select "2" The survey will only allow you to select one number per item.
Extra Apparel (warm ups, jackets, bags)
Team Summer Camp
Indoor Training Facility - with Turf
New fields - Outdoor
Nice Uniforms
Coach Training
3rd Tournament
4. When you think about the role that PYSA should play, which of the following verbs most strongly apply? (Choose 2)
5. What is your vision for our Youth Soccer Association?
6. How are we doing? Are there areas in which we are doing well, or areas for improvement?
Thank you for your time! We will make the results available once the survey closes.
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