The New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study

My name is Dr. Chris Sibley, and I am the lead researcher for the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study.

This is an online version of the full questionnaire for the Time 5 New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study for 2014.

This questionnaire is identical to the paper copy sent in the post. You only need to complete the 2014 questionnaire once. If you have recently completed the paper copy then there is no need to also complete this one.

The aim of the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study is to survey New Zealanders each year and follow people over time. This will provide completely new information about how the personality, attitudes and values of New Zealanders may be changing. This is important because we currently know very little about how peoples’ opinions, values and levels of satisfaction with their lives may change gradually over time, and perhaps also change rapidly in response to current events in society.

As a token of appreciation, everyone who completes the questionnaire will be entered into a grocery voucher prize draw. The first prize is $500 of grocery vouchers. The second prize is $300 of grocery vouchers. The third prize is $200 of grocery vouchers. Prizes will be drawn in June 2014.

Please answer the questionnaire even if you think that your opinions are the same as last year. This is very important, as I will not know which of your opinions have changed and which remain the same unless you also answer the questions this year. Also, please note that your responses to this questionnaire will still provide extremely valuable information even if you might not be available to participate in the following years. Most people can complete the questionnaire in about 35-45 minutes. It asks some of the same questions, but also has some important new questions relating to your health, happiness, preparation for a natural disaster and general psychological wellbeing. Some of the questions are of a sensitive nature. The questionnaire this year is similar to the one that you completed last year. You are free to leave blank any questions that you do not feel comfortable answering.

Feedback and research findings from the study are available on the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study website. I will continue to update the website with new research findings at regular intervals throughout the year. At the website, you can offer feedback or suggest questions you would like answered from the study about New Zealanders’ opinions and values. I will try to respond to as many suggestions as possible and will analyse the data and post results on the website answering appropriate questions. You can also update your contact details on the website if you have moved. If you prefer to complete the questionnaire online, you can also do this by following a link provided on the website.
The New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study takes your confidentiality very seriously. It is necessary to record your name and contact details so that your responses can be matched to those you provided last year. I also need your details so I can contact you to take part in the study in the future. I will never give out your name or contact details. Only myself and trusted research assistants working in a secure room in the School of Psychology will examine your raw data. The personal details you report on the consent form will be separated and stored separately from all other research data. Your questionnaire responses will be converted to numbers in an encrypted data file, and these data will be stored indefinitely for research purposes but at no time be stored with your name or contact details. Your questionnaire data is therefore anonymised, and Dr. Chris Sibley and other members of the NZAVS research team will have access to an electronic encrypted copy of your anonymous questionnaire data. This anonymous data file may also be shared with other competent professionals on a case-by-case basis for research purposes.

You may withdraw from this study at any time, and you may withdraw your questionnaire data up until the point at which you complete and submit the questionnaire. This large-scale study is funded from various not-for-profit research granting agencies and internal University funding from year-to-year.

For questions regarding this project, please contact Dr. Chris Sibley (details below) or the Head of the School of Psychology, Associate Prof. Douglas Elliffe, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland. Phone 09-373-7599, extn. 88557. For ethical concerns contact: The Chair, The University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland. Phone 09-373-7599, extn. 87830.

Dr. Chris Sibley
Lead Investigator for the NZAVS
Senior Lecturer
School of Psychology
University of Auckland
Phone: 09 373 7599, extn 87498
E-mail: nzavs@auckland.ac.nz