Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path 

Well done on completing all or part of the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path National Trail. We would love to hear how you got on. Please complete the feedback below and include good or bad comments.
1. Please complete information below:
2. Which month(s) of the year did you use the route?
3. Please confirm which year you used the route?
4. How long did you spend on the route? (how many hours or days?)
5. Did you? (tick all that apply)
6. Which part of the route did you visit? (please tick all that apply)
7. How many people were there in your party?
8. What type of accommodation did you use? (tick all that apply)
9. Please name the villages/towns where you stayed
10. How many nights in total did you spend in the villages/towns
11. Which accommodation guide did you use to plan your trip?
12. If you had the Pocket companion did you take it with you?
13. Did you find the Waymarking and signing :
14. Did you have enough information?
Before you started your trip/visit
Whilst you were walking/cycling/riding
Did you know enough about local services
15. Did you use public transport?
To the route
During your trip
From the route
16. If you had any problems crossing any roads along the route - where?
17. Do you have any suggestions for improvements?
18. Do you have any other comments?
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