Oracle Forums Upgrade Project

Oracle Forums Upgrade Project: User Feedback

In 2012, Oracle Technology Network is doing a major upgrade of its discussion forums platform. We need your feedback about a few things!
1. What forums improvements are you hoping for out of this project? (Mark all that apply)
2. How frequently do you login to Oracle Forums (i.e. to participate, not just read?)
3. Please rate your satisfaction with the following data migration approaches:
Very satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedUnsatisfied
1. Complete migration of all data history back to 2001 - all data live
2. Complete migration of all data history back to 2001 - recent data live, older data read-only
3. Partial migration of data history back to 2004 - all data live
4. Let's assume that approach #2 above is used. How many years of live data would you expect to have?
5. How would you rate the importance of migrating forums content that is already archived and read-only today?
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