2012 ATS National Trauma Awareness Month Campaign Materials Survey

1. Did you offer a National Trauma Awareness Month campaign in May 2012?
2. If "yes" to above, did you use the ATS Trauma Awareness Month materials?
3. Did you receive the materials directly from ATS?
4. If you did a NTAM campaign but did NOT use the ATS materials, please tell us why
5. If you did an NTAM campaign in 2012 and used the ATS materials, which were helpful?
6. What additional materials would you find useful for a future NTAM campaign?
7. In the past 5 years, have you offered a National Trauma Awareness Month campaign using ATS materials?
8. Do you ever invite local/state/national government officials to visit your center as a part of NTAM?
9. Have you ever planned a survivor celebration in May?
10. Are you planning to do a NTAM campaign in 2013?
11. Are you an institutional member of ATS?
12. What subject matters are of interest to you for future NTAM campaigns?
13. Name & Title
14. Institution
15. Additional contact information would be helpful:
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