New Student Orientation
1. Your experience with the admissions process
not satisfiedsomewhat satisfiedsatisfiedvery satisfied
Application-ease of finding/use
Assessment and Placement-submitting ACT, Transcript, taking COMPASS
Orientation-registering for online
Communication-prompt and sufficient communication through the admission process
2. Attending orientation has increased my understanding of the following to what degree? 1 "none at all-I knew the information before attending" to 4 "a great deal-I had no information prior to attending orientation".
none at allvery littlesomea great deal
I understand what is expected from me from faculty in order to succeed
I understand the importance of reading correspondence through myNorthCentral email account
I understand the support services available to me at North Central
I understand my degree and my educational development plan (EDP)
I understand the importance of successful completion of my courses with a 2.0 g.p.a. as it relates to my financial aid
3. Please answer the following statements regarding your new student orientation experience. 1 being not satisfied and 4 being very satisfied
not satisfiedsomewhat satisfiedsatisfiedvery satisfied
All my questions were answered clearly
I believe North Central is providing the resources I need to refer to later to be successful
I am satisfied with my upcoming semester schedule
Attending this orientation made me more prepared to attend North Central
4. Name the most important thing(s) you learned during the orientation
5. What questions do you still have regarding attending North Central?
6. How could we improve the new student orientation?
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