Oxfordshire Low Carbon Hub/COIN training events June/July 2012

Oxfordshire Low Carbon Hub/Climate Outreach Information Network

Oxfordshire Low Carbon Hub and Climate Outreach Information Network present two courses for low-carbon groups in Oxfordshire:

Climate Change Condensed
30 June 2012, 9.15-13.00 (with optional bring-and-share lunch afterwards)

How to Win a Climate Change Argument in a 15-minute Tea Break
7 July 2012, 9.15-13.00 (with optional bring-and-share lunch afterwards)

Quaker Centre, St Giles’, Oxford OX1 3LW

These two events form the beginning of a learning programme for low-carbon groups in Oxfordshire which will build on CAG Oxfordshire’s existing provision and will be a joint initiative of CAG Oxfordshire and the Low Carbon Hub.

Thank you for your interest in these courses. Please go to the next page to register.
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