Kipper Tool Customer Survey


1. Please provide your name, email address, and phone number to be entered in our quarterly prize drawing.
2. Which of our Products do you use? Select all that apply.
3. How do you place your orders with Kipper Tool? Select all that apply.
4. How often do you place orders with Kipper Tool?
5. How would you rate Kipper Tool on the following attributes?
OutstandingGoodAverageNeeds AttentionPoor
Sales Staff
Customer Service
Understanding Customers Needs
Quality of our Products
Overall Satisfaction
6. Was your order delivered in a timely manner?
7. How did the product you ordered compare to your expectations?
8. How likely are you to purchase from Kipper Tool again?
9. Which of the following categories best describes your work environment?
10. What was the number one factor in choosing Kipper Tool?
11. Do you have any suggestions for improving our Products or Services?
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