Knowledge in Motion Webcast- Nutrition & Secondary Conditions in SCI- 6-5-14

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8. Do you feel the speaker was knowledgeable about the topic he/she presented?
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Joanne Smith B.A., BRT Dip, CNP
Kylie James B.Sc. (O.T.), CNP
9. Overall, did the webcast meet your expectations?
10. Please indicate if you feel the speaker met the following Learning Objectives of tonights lecture.
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Attendees will be able to understand the therapeutic role nutrition plays in the rehabilitation and long term health of individuals with SCI, and how nutrition can positively impact your independence in an easy, practical, and cost effective way.
Attendees will learn about the importance of nutritional supplementation.
Attendees will learn about the specific nutrients that can help prevent, manage, and address constipation/bowel dysfunction and pressure sores.
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