STEM Teacher Survey

Design Thinking Survey

Thank you for responding to this survey. This survey will help inform the STEM design thinking session Saturday, March 31 from 9am-2pm at Stanford University.
1. Years of classroom experience:
2. I mostly teach:
3. As a technology user, I classify myself as:
4. I am most comfortable with teaching the following subject areas (check all that apply):
5. I have the following number of years experience using technology with my students:
6. I use a computer at home for professional work:
7. When students use technology to do class work, they mostly:
8. In order for my students to use e-mail for learning/working:
9. Do you have a smart phone and/or a tablet?
10. Where do you look for new ideas to help you teach challenging concepts in math and science?
11. What are your top three biggest challenges in teaching or learning STEM?
12. What would you like to do better through the use of technology in your classroom?
13. What do you think you would like to see changed in how you teach STEM through the use of technology?
14. Are you familiar with design thinking?
15. What is your name?
16. What is your e-mail address?
17. Are you able to attend the workshop on Saturday March 31 from 9am-2pm?
18. Questions or comments?
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