Intramural Survey 2012-2013

1. Intramural Survey

Please take this quick survey about what you get from intramurals and how we can improve. Thank you for your time.
1. What role do you take on with intramurals?
2. Please select one of the following?
3. Why do you participate in Intramurals? (May check more than one)
4. What have you participated in this academic year? (May choose more than one)
5. How did your participation in intramurals improve the following for you:
PoorFairNeutral GoodExcellent
Frequency of exercise
Athletic ability
Connection to the campus community
Time management
Tolerance to stressfull situations
Overall wellness
6. Please rate your satisfaction with the following:
IM Leagues
Captains Guide
Office Hours
Championship Shirts/Events
Amount of Teams Participating
7. Please rate the quality of the following groups
Game Staff
Proffessional Staff (Coordinator and GA)
8. How important do you think intramurals are to:
Not at allSomewhatNeutralA little bitA-lot
Stetson Administration
Stetson Overall
Your Stetson Experience
9. Please rate your overall experience:
PoorFair NeutralGoodExcellent
10. What have you learned/gained from your experience in intramurals?
11. Comments or suggestions?
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