Campus Visit Evaluation

Thank you for visiting the Illinois College campus. We hope you enjoyed your visit and that we were able to fulfill your visit needs. To help us continue to improve our campus visit experience, please complete the following evaluation. This evaluation is confidential and is used only for improvements.
1. Date of Visit
2. Tour Time
10 a.m.2 p.m.Other
3. I am a...
4. Please rate the following aspects of your campus visit:
Visit Registration
Pre-Visit Materials (contact and confirmation)
The greeting you received upon arrival
Campus Tour and Tour Guide
Meeting with Admission Counselor
Meeting with Professor/Class
Meeting with Athletics
Overall Campus Visit Experience
5. What can we do to improve future campus visits?
6. What was your favorite part of the visit?
7. Was there anything you were surprised to learn during your visit?
8. To what degree has your visit affected your interest in Illinois College?
No longer considering ICNegatively affectedNo affectPositively affectedSolidified my decision to enroll
9. How did your visit experience today compare to those you have had on other college campuses?
WorseAbout the SameBetterN/A
10. What other colleges are you currently considering?
11. Is there anything else about your visit you would like us to know?
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