Iowa NASP Equipment Checkout Survey

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1. Lead NASP Instructor Name
2. Lead NASP Instructor Daytime Phone Number
3. Lead NASP Instructor Email Address
4. When did you checkout the equipment?
Checkout date:
5. When did you return the equipment?
Return date:
6. In what setting were you using the archery equipment?
7. Please list the district and school(s) where you taught NASP archery as part of the in-school curriculum.
School 1
School 2
8. Please list the number of students in each grade level reached with the archery equipment.
9. How many classes did you teach with the equipment?
10. How long (in minutes) were each of your classes?
11. Please rate the following
ExcellentGoodAverageBelow Average
Ease of equipment checkout and return
Condition of equipment kit upon checkout
Program Safety
Contents of equipment kit
NASP Curriculum
12. Would you recommend the checkout program to others?
13. How was the trucking company that dropped off and picked up the equipment? Friendly? Helpful? ect
14. Does your school currently participate in competitive NASP (i.e. attendance at Iowa NASP League, state or national championships)?
15. If you/your school do not currently participate in competitive NASP events, please list the top reasons why:
16. Please list any additional comments or suggestions you have on the NASP equipment checkout program
17. Please check any other in-school DNR programs you would like more information about
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