Survey on the Howard University Administration and Board of Trustees

1. The present Howard University Administration
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The organizational and reporting structure of the Administration and its Offices are accessible and clear.
The senior Administration does not communicate the concerns and needs of the faculty to the Board of Trustees.
2. The present Howard University Board of Trustees
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The Board of Trustees is knowledgeable about the academic challenges of the Howard University community.
The Board of Trustees actively seeks faculty input as a part of its decision-making process.
The Board of Trustees has failed to address the problem of faculty salary compression.
The Board of Trustees deals effectively with perceived ethical violations.
The Board of Trustees upholds its role and responsibilities to the University.
The Board of Trustees promotes a positive image of the University in the local and national community.
The Board of Trustees should enforce strict term limits on its membership.
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees has established an environment that encourages, supports, and reinforces the contributions of the faculty.
I am satisfied that the Board of Trustees is making a valuable contribution to the organization.
3. I think that the present Board of Trustees performs well in the following areas:
4. I think that the present Board of Trustees does not perform well in the following areas:
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