GSA Parent / Player Survey - Fall 2014

1. What is your child's gender?
2. What Program/s did your child participate in?
3. What is your child's Age Group?
4. What is your child's Team Name?
5. What is your child's Coach's name?
6. Coach demonstrates good SPORTSMANSHIP at all time?
7. Coach demonstrates SELF CONTROL during games
8. Coach MAINTAINS CONTROL of players at games & practices
9. Coach is MOTIVATING my child to be a better soccer player
10. Coach COMMUNICATES effectively with PARENTS
11. Coach COMMUNICATES well with the PLAYERS
12. Coach does not EMPHASIZE winning at all costs
14. My child is ENJOYING playing soccer
15. My child is improving their SKILL level at an acceptable rate
16. I would like for this person to coach my child in the FUTURE
17. What are things you LIKE about GSA?
18. What are things we could do to IMPROVE the experience?
19. Do you have any other COMMENTS, QUESTION or CONCERNS?
20. Name?
21. Email address ?
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