PA Wilds Artisan Trail October 2012

Artisan Trail Partner Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the PA Wilds Artisan Trail. The panel will meet on October 8 and we will have an answer for you within 2 weeks of the jury session.
1. I am interested in joining or renewing participation in the PA Wilds Artisan Trail
2. Store / Gallery Information (to be used to direct visitors to your facility):
3. Mailing Address - if different than the location address listed above.
4. For renewal applicants only: I have participated in the PA Wilds Artisan program since (enter year)
5. Regular Store Hours
6. Description for Brochure (75-word maximum):
(PA Wilds Artisan Workgroup reserves the right to edit all entries)
7. Promotional Photo:
8. The goal of the PA Wilds Artisan Trail is to connect galleries and gift shops with artisans. Please provide the names of 3 - 5 PA Wilds Artists you carry or plan to contact within 6 months of membership:
9. In order to maintain grant support for the Artisan Trail, it is important to show its economic impact on the local level. To that end, please answer the following questions:

Counting yourself, how many employees worked for you in 2011 and how many have worked for you so far in 2012?
10. Are you considering hiring additional employees within the next 6 months?
11. What were your total sales during the past two years and so far this year?
12. How would you describe the impact, if any, of your involvement in the PA Wilds Artisan Trail on your business's sales?
13. As a PA Wilds Artisan Trail Partner, I agree to pay:
14. Checks are to be made payable to the Nelson Creative Services, Inc. and should be mailed to:

Nelson Creative Services
PA Wilds Artisans
308 Fourth Avenue
Warren, PA 16365

I understand that information for my site will not be included in promotional materials until my payment is received, and I agree to mail my payment promptly.
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