South Australian Parliament - Website Survey

In October 2013, the South Australian Parliament Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Board approved a review of its website.

This survey is designed to capture your thoughts about what works, and what doesn't on the current website.

As a visitor to the Parliamentary website, your feedback is important, and it will be used to influence the design of a new site.
1. Name (optional)
2. Contact email (optional)
3. Contact phone number (optional)
4. Age
5. Gender
6. Postcode
7. How often do you visit this website?
8. How did you find this website?
9. What do you use this website for?
10. Did you find what you are looking for?
11. Was the information easy to find?
12. How would you rate the quality of the information on this website?
13. Do you have any special access needs when using this website?
14. What do you like about the current website?
15. What are your frustrations with the current website?
16. How would you rate the design of the current website?
17. How would you rate the accessibility of the current website?
18. How would you rate the functionality of the current website?
19. What part of the Parliament website would you say needs most improvement?
20. Any other comments?
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