Excellence in Public Service Award Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to nominate one of our many dedicated employees for the 2015 Excellence in Public Service Award. Please provide a response to each question in the space allotted, no attachments are allowed. Nominations must be received by the Wichita City Manager's Office, Sedgwick County Manager's Office, or the Wichita Public Schools Marketing & Communications Office no later than 5:00 p.m., March 10, 2015.
1. Nominee's Name
2. Nominee's Job Title
3. Nominee's Work Organization
4. Your Name
5. Your Relationship to Nominee
6. Your Daytime Phone or Email
The Excellence in Public Service Award is designed to recognize individuals who demonstrate outstanding work performance as well as service to the community. It is important that the person submitting the nomination clearly detail the performance of the nominee in each of the following categories and include examples when appropriate. The selection committee has only the information provided on this form to make its decisions, so please elaborate whenever possible.
Describe the extent to which the nominee has demonstrated outstanding and exemplary performance beyond normal work responsibilities. Please provide examples of leadership qualities, team commitment, and innovative approaches in the workplace.
Describe the extent to which the nominee has made important investments of time and energy through participation in community activities and organizations. Be sure to include specific examples of the nominee's volunteer activities for organizations, projects or events in our community.
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