DSC Website Survey

Our website is the Delta Stewardship Council's most important communication tool. We would like to know if it meets your needs. Please take our quick, nine-question survey by clicking here so that we may learn how to improve our service. Thank you!
1. Do you work for the Delta Stewardship Council?
2. What brings you to the Delta Stewardship Council website? (select all that apply)
3. How often do you visit the DSC website?
4. Did you find the information you were looking for?
5. Please describe your experience using the website navigation tools (select one)
6. Please provide suggestions on how we can improve the website (fill in below)
7. Where do you live? (select one)
8. Please describe your occupation or vocation (select all that apply)
9. May we contact you to gather further information about our website?
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