Ski Tracks Trip Survey
Survey Guidelines and Instructions:

The survey consists of several questions with room for note taking and comments. It should take only a few minutes to complete. Most of the questions are self-explanatory. Try to fill in a survey for each day trip either during the day (for example while taking a lunch break) or as soon as possible when you return.

Here are some guidelines for some of the questions:

Experience: Use the following definitions and mark a number in the appropriate place for each member of the group:

Novice – skier with little to no experience with winter backcountry travel, no formal avalanche education, normally not a group leader.

Intermediate – skier with Level One avalanche course and/or few years (i.e. <5 yrs) backcountry experience.

Expert – skier with Level One/Two avalanche education course, and/or many, (i.e. > 5 yrs) backcountry experience, and/or professional experience. This skier is a frequent group leader and trip initiator.

Snowpack assessment: please take some photos of the tests you carried out. You might note the terrain features (i.e. a rollover), and any cracking, settling, or whumpfing. Feel free to make notes on any aspect of your day on the last page.

We are asking for your name and email for each survey. We will use these to match to your daily ski log surveys only. They will not be shared, copied, or otherwise made public. You are free to use an alias but please make sure you use the same for the daily surveys.