Psychology Foundation Course Waitlist

If you are a psychology major or in the specialization and you were unable to register for one of the following courses because ALL sections of the course are closed, you may request to be put on a waitlist for the course (Psychology of Scientific Thinking, Research Methods in Psychology, Statistics in Psychology, Advanced Research) by completing the following form ASAP.

Please note:
This waitlist procedure only applies to the Foundation Courses in Psychology. For other closed psychology courses please email the course instructor with your override request.

Being placed on the waitlist for one of these courses DOES NOT guarantee you a spot. Your placement on the waitlist will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, students whose graduation will be delayed if they do not receive an override into the course will be given priority. It is recommended that you register for foundation courses as soon as you have met the necessary pre-requisites for that course.

Waitlisting for these courses will end on Friday, November 15. Please submit your information by this date.

1. Name
2. Rowan Email Address
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4. Foundation course I would like an override into:
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