Cataloguing Client Training Evaluation Form

To ensure quality and continuous improvement, Libraries Australia encourages direct feedback from course participants. We would appreciate your completion of this online evaluation form.
1. Name:
2. Your library's NUC symbol:
3. Trainer:
List of trainers
Please select your trainer from the drop down menu.
4. Date of course:
5. How would you rate the following:
ExcellentAbove averageAverageBelow averagePoor
Overall course
Course presentation
Training guide
Online sessions/exercises
6. I am able to log on and log off the Libraries Australia Cataloguing Client (LACC)
7. I am able to use different commands to search using the LACC (e.g. 'Find TW car')
8. I am able to view bibliographic records in different presentations (e.g. brief view, coded data view, MARC view)
9. I am able to customise the client screen

Additional Discriminative Information (ADI)

10. I am able to use the ADI filters
11. I am able to create scripts for frequently used functions

Bibliographic Records

12. I am able to add a bibliographic record using the novice mode
13. I am able to add a bibliographic record using expert mode
14. I am able to edit bibliographic records

Personal Templates

15. I am able to create personal templates
16. I am able to add personal templates
17. I am able to edit personal templates
18. I am able to delete personal templates


19. I am able to add holdings using LACC
20. I am able to edit holdings using LACC
21. I am able to delete holdings using LACC

Authority Records

22. I am able to add authority records using LACC
23. I am able to update authority records using LACC
24. I am able to delete authority records using LACC
25. I understand how to input non-roman characters and diacritics in bibliographic records
26. I am able to use the different help options available - Online, the LACC Manual, Libraries Australia Helpdesk
27. I understand and am able to link to records
28. I understand how to complete fixed field areas (eg. 006, 007, 008 etc.)
29. I understand the difference between Warning and Error Messages and how to correct them
30. What was the best aspect of the training?
31. Were there any areas of the training that could be improved?
32. I would like to have spent more time learning about...
33. Would you recommend this training to others? Why/why not?
34. Do you have any further comments?

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this evaluation form.

Should you have any further comments about the standard of training you have received please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk:

Online: via our enquiry form
Phone: 1800 026 155
Fax: 02 6273 1180
Mail: National Library of Australia Parkes Place, Canberra ACT 2600

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